Here's what people are saying about Nocked!

Nominated for DragonCon’s Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi Mobile Game of 2018. (8/31/2018)

2-time Award-Winning Game at the MAGFest Indie Videogame Showcase, 2018.* (1/6/2018) 

Winning Showcase Game at the Wordplay Festival in Toronto. (11/18/2017)

4.5/5 stars:  Gamebook News calls Nocked! “A magical game, interactive fiction with a heart, soul, and style.” (7/17/2017)

90/100Zonezter notes that after building a base in the trees, they were “inspired to start and draw a sketch of what I imagined the tree house would look like.” (7/8/17)

iOS RPG site calls it a "wonderful gamebook-style adventure with deep resources management".

The SML Podcast says "the writing is fantastic, the story was incredibly engrossing" and "this is absolutely worth picking up and playing". (7/21/17) 

Emily Short reviews the game here, and notes the “...huge amount of narrative consequence for your choices. I played a good bit, but I haven’t talked much about the plot because I can’t be sure that your plot experience will be anything like mine." (7/8/17)

*1st place: Best Booth; 1st place: Best Presence


Fast Facts

Publisher: Andrew Schneider

Release Date: July 8th, 2017

Platforms: iOS 8 and up (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch); Mac & PC coming soon!

Software Version: 1.5

Category: Games, Fantasy RPG, Interactive Fiction

Price: USD $5.99

Average Rating: 5/5 stars!

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Embark on a fantastical journey through Sherwood Forest and beyond.

You are Robin of Locksley. Hounded from your home by the Sheriff of Nottingham, take control of your fate in this extravagant illustrated role-playing game. Rob from the rich, rally the people, build a settlement, and battle the Sheriff of Nottingham for control of Sherwood Forest.

Disclaimer: There's no live-action in the game, but these spoof videos give a sense of the types of choices you can make on Robin's journey.


The peasants of Nottingham bow under the weight of Prince John’s taxes; nobles fall to the Sheriff’s political machinations; deserters from the Crusades pillage the land; and fairies lure the unwary into the depths of mist-shrouded Sherwood Forest, never to be seen again. Step into the chaos of a magical England at the end of the Third Crusade. Maid Marian hides breathless amidst the brambles after the sack of her father’s castle; Little John charges a bodyweight in gold to cross a lonely log; and Will Scarlet holds court in a brokedown tower surrounded by trees as tall as the sky, waiting for a king who will never come. The time is ripe, a spark is lit – from the ashes of your home, from the shadow of anonymity, step into legend. You are Robin Hood. 


Nocked! is a lushly-illustrated, text-driven role-playing game playable for minutes or hours at a time. Define the deeds and identity of Robin Hood, outlaw of Sherwood Forest; recruit allies, forge alliances, find love; and chart a path between war, negotiation, and dangerous magics. Your choices are remembered and your actions shape the world, but you can’t do it alone.

Story and strategy collide as your reputation spreads and Merry Men join your band: Build and expand a base in the hidden deeps, manage your earnings from raids on tax collectors, and prepare for the coming of the Sheriff of Nottingham. There is no sure and easy path to victory, no one decision that will save your resistance; will you fall beneath the Sheriff’s boot heel, or will you build a movement to last the ages? The choice is yours.

Available now on iOS, Coming 2019 to PC/MAC

About Us

Andrew G. Schneider (Writer and Game Designer) Andrew always wanted to be a wizard when he grew up; now he makes magic with words. When not writing, he hunts the wild dust bunny and makes a mean pot of French onion soup. He lives in Washington, D.C., believes in unicorns, and is married to a wonderful woman who believes in him.

His work is available from iTunes, Amazon, and wherever e-books are sold:

Amanda Spaid (Artist) Amanda is a fine artist and freelance Illustrator in the DC Metro area. Her subjects and mediums are wide, ranging from traditional oil, acrylic and colored pencil portraits of people and animals, to digital paintings with Sci-fi/Fantasy themes. She's a Maryland native, has a degree in Fine Arts from the School of Art and Design at Montgomery College in Silver Spring and a Bachelor's in Illustration from Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio. Check out her other work here.

Stephanie Martinez (Graphic Designer) Stephanie Martinez is a freelance graphic designer, with a Bachelor's from Drexel University. She's also a homemaker and proud mother of two infuriating children. Nocked is her first game.

Unmapped Path (Disbound game engine) Nocked is a collaboration with Unmapped Path, a Baltimore-based digital studio founded by Joel Haddock and Chris Klimas. Unmapped Path creates interactive narrative experiences on desktop and mobile devices with a focus on the use of the Twine platform.