Update: Go for a Walk in the Woods!

Take aim, intrepid outlaws, as Nocked receives its first major update in under a week (or two, because that's how dev work rolls...)

You'll soon be able to go for a walk in the woods around your forest base. Experience a fresh variety of environments and encounters that change over time and in response to your actions! (This fresh content was Inspired by offhand comments from some of our players...so keep that feedback coming!)

Also - discover the story of Palamedes, architect extraordinaire!

There's also a variety of minor fixes on the way. Here's a - by no means exhaustive - list:

  • Fixed several (unfortunate) game breaking bugs. Hopefully this is the last of them!
  • Slowed the resource popups by .5 seconds for easy reading.
  • Broke out resource rewards during the turn of the seasons. More interactive, less block text!
  • Tweaked the challenge of defeating Harald the Grim, on some difficulties. Don't let that old Viking get you down!
  • Locations where you can redeem Grace are now properly labeled as Special Missions.
  • And, of course, a couple dozen typos resolved.

Thanks for playing, and thanks for reading! Look for the new Walk in the Woods update soon, and explore the Deepwood as never before!

And if you've been playing: Please drop us a quick review in the App Store! Nocked still struggles with visibility in spite of excellent reviews, and 2 or 3 more reviews on the App Store will be enough to get us an average star rating. Thank you!


Andrew Schneider, writer/director/marketing manager of Nocked!