Undercaffeinated and Overexposed

Tales from a Coffee Shop Princess, Volume 2

Around two hundred years after her discovery by the Brothers Grimm, Sleeping Beauty has lost her happily ever after. Mortal authors can enslave fairy tale folk as muses with the flash of a camera, and Beauty has long since left her enchanted castle for the anonymity of city life in modern Washington, D.C. Worse; her relationship with Prince Charming is on the rocks; her crush on her best friend Lancelot is going nowhere, and her boss; Titania, is about to fire her from the Tale’s End Bookstore and Café, where she lives and works as a barista. As if that weren’t enough, alone among the immortal fairy folk, Beauty is changing. She’s not sure how, or why, but she isn’t the same person who walked out of the Dark Forest and it terrifies her. If she’s no longer a princess – if her life is no longer a fairy tale – will there be a home for her with the fairy folk when the last words are written?


  • Critical Hits calls Undercaffeinated and Overexposed “ambitious, adept, and boldly written.”
  • “What makes this story standout though is the excellent writing. Schneider has a talent for turning a sentence and finding words that just fit together so well. In some ways, the writing itself carries what is otherwise a simple enough story, making the characters more engaging and the settings believable. Give it a try and I’m sure you’ll find yourself turning the last page and wondering what comes next,” says Noor A. Jangahar.
  • Reads4Tweens has some astute observations on the novel and its age-range suitability.

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