Andrew G. Schneider always wanted to be a wizard when he grew up; now he makes magic with words. When not writing, he hunts the wild dust bunny and makes a mean pot of French onion soup. He lives in Washington, D.C., believes in unicorns, and is married to a wonderful woman who believes in him.

Proof that he’s not a fabrication from whole cloth, or the pen name of some other, extraordinarily famous author, can be found in his previous publications:

From the pages of Dungeon and Dragon magazines:

  • “Citizens of Splender: Themes from Waterdeep”
  • “Reign of Despair”
  • “Shards of Selûne”, reviewed by Points of Light
  • “Scarred for Life”
  • “Formorians : Creature Incarnations”
  • “Expeditionary Dispatches: The Mournland Express”
  • “Unearthed Arcana: Unfinished Business,” with Robert J. Schwalb

D&D adventures from his tenure as Writing Director for Living Forgotten Realms:

  • CORM 1-2: The Gangs of Wheloon
  • CORM 1-4: All the King’s Men
  • CORM 2-1: For Crown and Kingdom, with Matt Arnold
  • AGLA 1-2: At the Foot of the Lighthouse

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