Nocked 1.5, full changelog

Here's the full changelog for Nocked, v.1.5, coming in just a few days!

An Expanded Quiver of Adventure – New Content!

– The Lonely Forest – Walk the winding trails around your home in Sherwood and discover environments and events that change over the seasons. Or just get lost.

– The Architect’s Tale – The architect is having trouble adjusting to his time in the forest. Will you help, and at what price? Portentous foreshadowing included…

– The World in Review – Your scouts now report with comprehensive briefings on how your actions impact people in the world beyond your conflict with the Sheriff. If you’re lucky, they might even care.

** To all brave outlaws: These new Tales were inspired by comments from some of our intrepid keep that feedback coming! There are more True Tales to be told.


Restrung, Refletched, and Refeathered – Fixes, Changes, and Minor Additions

– Increased stability in Castle Nottingham, officially earthquake-safe! – Fixed an unfortunate crash where the castle came down around your ears, rescheduled guard patrols, increased the Sheriff’s innate curiosity, and installed all-new granite countertops.

– Patched and plugged holes in the space-time continuum – Robin can no longer jump backwards in time to choose ill-advised, time-shattering actions that stop arrows in mid-flight! We can’t promise we got them all though, because, well…time bandits.

– Everyone loves a wedding – And now your friends do, too! Wedding gifts abound for the dashing, darling Robin who finds love in all the right places. Speaking of which…

– Rosalind in all the wrong places – She’s a crafty one, is Ros, always vanishing just when you have something to say. Now she’s settled down where she can be found on a regular basis.

– Don't let that old Viking get you down! – The leader of the Black Wolves can now be defeated by mere mortals, maybe, if you’re clever.

– Amaranth won’t eat your game – The dragon of Sherwood had an unfortunate propensity to devour unwary outlaws and put a stop to the fun. We’ve got her on a firm diet of guardsmen, and under strict orders: No disintegrations!

– Tpyo fixes – Ten thousand monkeys have been hard at work proofreading the Tales. What could go wrong?

– Typo fixes – We’ve fired the monkeys…

– Resource popups are now slower than the average jack-in-the-box. This is a game dependent on reading, after all.

– Don’t Redeem Grace, go on cool Special Missions instead! Language matters…

– Nocked! True Tales of Robin Hood is now: Nocked! [subtitle] True Tales of Robin Hood, to comply with iOS 11 and our teacher-friendly overlords.

– Nocked! 1.5, now with longer arrows.