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The trailers are coming soon! We'll let this teaser - a trailer of trailers, if you will - speak for itself. (Gosh, that's meta...)

The adventures of Marian and the Sheriff continue...

Read the entire adventure to this point, starting on the post of July 26th. 

Her sword empowered, Marian decides

There will be Blood!

 By Light and Lightning

I speed swiftly up the stairs, filled with an eagerness, a deadly desire that I can scarecely contain. Rats I no longer fear, nor the darkness of the shadowed back passages, and in fewer steps than I recall, I find myself in the castle courtyard under a lowing sky. Thunder crashes above me, and rain sizzles on the naked blade in my hand.

There is no one here, none to see me, to answer my challenge.  I can smell stink of alcohol from the great hall, the guards huddled upon the battlements in miserable watch, servants from the kitchen tending a distant fire. Robin Hood's body hangs, lit by lightning, in the castle courtyard; an example, a lesson. I must hold prudence close until I find my quarry.

Where is the Sheriff? 

  1. I stalk through the great hall.
  2. I pass through the kitchens.
  3. I climb the battlements.
  4. I tarry, and search Robin's body.

Marian's decision at this juncture has been made. To continue her adventures, check out the latest dev blog and vote on her current actions. Read the entire adventure starting July 26th.

Daytime in the Deepwods, by Amanda Spaid

Daytime in the Deepwods, by Amanda Spaid

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