A Tale of Two Trailers

Our second trailer is live! As a reminder, the Nocked Trailer Contest is in progress. It's not too late to make your own Nocked Trailer, and win copies of the game for you and your friends. Check out the post A True Tournament, for more details.

 The Adventures of Maid Marian and the Sheriff Continue

Read the entire adventure to this point, starting on the post of July 26th.

Arrows in the Night

You retreat to the gatehouse

I fall back to the gatehouse, and strong arms wrap themselves around my shoulders, drag me into the shadows. A hand stifles my scream, catches my sword. 

"Shh, Marian. It's me, Will Scarlet." Carefully, he releases me. "Come along, I have an escape prepared."

1. I beat my fist against his chest. "Your left me, you bastard!"
2. I throw myself into his arms, and lean in for a kiss.
3. I step back and look him in the eye. "You call this a rescue?"

Marian's decision at this juncture has been made. To continue her adventures, check out the latest dev blog and vote on her current actions. Read the entire adventure starting July 26th.

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