Out Now on Steam!

Hail Merry Men and Women,

Nocked! is now available for purchase on Steam! Get your copy now for PC or Mac. The game retails at $19.99, and is 15% off for the first week.

Grab the soundtrack as a bonus ($9.99) for 83 minutes of fantastical music, including a special appearance by Jon Boden of Bellowhead.

The words are mine, but the story is yours - go to!

Quick FAQ:
Q:"I've played Nocked on iOS. Should I get the desktop version?"
A: Absolutely! Nocked! for desktop includes hundreds of pieces of new art and over an hour of music and sound effects, as well as an entirely restructured story with deeper strategic gameplay and side quests.

Q:"I own Nocked on iOS. Will it be updated?"
A: Yes! Unfortunately, any in-progress games will be broken by the update, but all new story content created for the desktop version will be integrated into the iOS version.

Q:"Does the iOS version have the new music and art?"
A: The two versions are designed as fundamentally different experiences, so the short answer is no. There are 13 pieces of new art in the iOS version, and we had to leave out the music to maintain a light, fast mobile experience.

Q:"Tell me more about this soundtrack."
A:Composed by Ivan Oberholster over nearly two years, it features 22 original songs, several live musicians, the wedding march that played at my wedding, and new recording, "Living in the Greenwood", by Jon Boden of Bellowhead (who, if you haven't heard, is very awesome). Ivan comes from a foley background and worked on the intro cinematic for Witcher 2. This soundtrack is his longest series of compositions to date.

Q:”I love your writing. Where can I find more?”
A:Gee, thanks! I have 3 novels — 2 of modern fairy-tale fantasy and 1 of high-flying sky pirate sandpunk adventure (with a second in that series on the way). You can order them on Amazon — Waiting for my Happily Ever After, Undercaffeinated and Overexposed, and Nothing Left to Wish For, or you can check out the ‘Novels’ section of my website: www.nockedthegame.com for more information. I also have the Dungeons and Dragons adventures, Darkness before Dawn and Free Men of the Bow available on the DMs Guild.

Q:"How long have you been working on this again?"
A:6 years. It's done now.