Two For Tea

In honor of one of our actors who just graduated - with flying colors - from his first planned improvisation class, here's a new trailer! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. 

The Adventures of Maid Marian and the Sheriff Continue

Read the entire adventure to this point, starting on the post of July 26th.

Marian convinces Will to help

They're going to rescue Allen a Dale

Will and I sneak through the corridors of the castle, listening at the doors and windows until raucous applause and a general hubbub signal the end of Allen's musical set.

We ambush Alan in his dressing room, make our pitch. 

"Join you?" he squeaks. "Join another lost cause to sleep in the rain and the muck, hiding from patrols and shivering in the dark?" He looks like he's about to say more, to refute the rest of my argument, when his eyes alight on the sword in my hand. He swallows hard. "Then again, how often do you get a chance to make legends come true?"

Alan is close-lipped about his cryptic comment, and there's no more time to waste.

Will checks the hall; all clear. "Where to, fearless Marian?" 

1. We need to free Little John from the dungeons.
2. Friar Tuck betrayed us; he dies tonight.
3. Let's get out before we're discovered.
4. We find the Sheriff. End this.

Marian's decision at this juncture has been made. To continue her adventures, check out the latest dev blog and vote on her current actions. Read the entire adventure starting July 26th.

A simple treehouse base in Autumn, by Amanda Spaid

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