Interview with Maid Marian

We caught up with Maid Marian during this year's archery competition and sat down for a brief interview.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

You mean beyond how I'm going to win this year's competition? [Laughs] I'm daughter of the Earl of Woodbridge, 14th in line for the throne of England. I'm a champion fencer, president of the young noblewoman's club, and have mastered the five basic forms of magic required for apprenticeship with the high Druids.

2. That's quite a list of accomplishments. What do you intend to do with those skills? 

I working on my certification in project management. 

3. I'm sorry? 

It's quite simple. A proper figurehead is important -- they should be attractive, well spoken, and capable of defending themselves against assassination. But the real power is behind the throne. Spreadsheets are the key to proper governance. By controlling the spreadsheets, I'll control...well, whatever I decide to do with myself.

4. Any candidates for this public-private partnership?

Honestly, Nottingham has been suffering under the Sheriffs waterfall management methods. I'm inclined to move the Shire towards agile. In particular, there's been some interesting work over on the Locksley lands. I think there's some good candidates there, or with Will Scarlet.

5. Anything else you'd like to tell your fans? 

I'm going to get out there, get in the game, and do my best. Hope to see you all at the victory party! 

Marian was last seen at her Woodbridge Castle estate protesting her father's arrest for treason. A reward has been offered for her safe recovery. If you have any other information regarding her whereabouts, please contact the Sheriff of Nottingham.

The Saga of Marian and the Sheriff continues...

Marian Begins Her Escape

She enters the secret passage...


Part 3 - Inside the Walls 

The secret passage twists and turns, full of uneven stairs and winding hallways. I push through cobwebs, choke on ancient dust, and do my best to shield my candle. Father showed me these passages long ago; I thought I knew where I was going, but I fear I am lost. My exit must be here somewhere, down one of these passages.

To the right I hear scratching. Red eyes and hunched, furry forms crowd the edges of my feeble candlelight. 

Ahead, the passage seems possessed of an unnatural darkness, the walls smooth and clean. 

To the left, thick webs drape the hallway like a lady's curtains.

A sudden gust of air, and my candle goes out. I hear the rats surge in my direction. 

  1. I charge the rats, fight blindly with fist and tooth and race past them.
  2. I flee down the dark hall.  Speed is my ally.
  3. I run through the webbed hall.  Rats and spiders do not mix.
  4. I desperately try to relight the candle.

Marian's decision at this juncture has been made. To continue her adventures, check out the latest dev blog and vote on her current actions. Read the entire adventure starting July 26th

The River Crossing, by Amanda Spaid

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