Interview with Little John

We had the good luck to find Little John on break by his trademarked river crossing, where he agreed to answer a few questions. 

That's River Crossing (TM), by the way. Don't want anyone to get any funny ideas.

1. Of course. Uh, how much is it to cross here, anyway?

5,000 gold. Or you can try to fight.  Tickets are 5 gold a pop, 10 dunkings for 40.

2. You were appointed by the king to keep people out of Sherwood for their own safety, right? Isn't it wrong to let them through if they pay?

Or if they fight and win. Either way, if your that rich or that skilled, you can probably take care of yourself, so have fun. The king hasn't said anything to the contrary.

3.  Does anyone ever win?


4. I've heard it said you like to brew beer. Any favorites? 

My favorite beer is Dragon's Breath Ale. Had it once, not that I've been able to recreate it. It's dark, roiling dark like thundercloud, with hints of smoke and cinders, and some real heat on the back end. Mouthfeel is ashy, with a metallic tang, and I'd bet my bridge it's more of a gruet; brewed without hops. If you meet anyone with the recipe, have them pass it this way.

5. I can't say I understood half of that... Is there anything else you'd like to tell our readers? 

I'm looking to get out of the toll business. Maybe open a pub or a restaurant. Got a head full of ideas,  but I need a partner who likes talking, organizing, planning, and building. Anyone interested can come find me at the bridge.

John's break was up, and he wearily walked back to his bridge, where the line to face him in staff-on-staff combat stretched out of sight.  The splash of peasants falling into the river followed down the road.

The Saga of Marian and the Sheriff continues...

Marian comes to an intersection within the secret passage

Webs. No, perhaps the other way.

Part 4 - The Tumbledown Passage 

 I turn to run through the spiderwebs and skid to a stop. I can't do it; recoil from the slimy touch of those long, sticky draperies. The dark passage then. It must be this way.

I clutch my unlit candle to my chest and take a tentative step. Something brushes against my leg, coarse hair and sharpness. The something else, like a long rope. Chittering all around me. I leapt backwards, away from the webs, the rats. I scream, possibly, though I shall never admit it, and the floor drops out from under my feet.

All is dust and silence. After a time, I get the candle lit. I'm in an ancient crypt, the carved tomb of a long-dead knight before me. There are no rats, no spiderwebs. How I arrived, unscathed to this place is a mystery.

An ancient sword lies on the tomb, reflecting my feeble light in its folded steel blade. The hilt is of a wolf swallowing the bladed moon.

At the edge of my light, I see a passage, possibly stairs? 

  1. I take the sword.
  2. The sword might be the first of many useful treasures. I open the sarcophagus.
  3. Let the dead lie. I explore the stairway.

Marian's decision at this juncture has been made. To continue her adventures, check out the latest dev blog and vote on her current actions. Read the entire adventure starting July 26th.

A mysterious rider, by Amanda Spaid

A mysterious rider, by Amanda Spaid

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