There Can't be Only One!

Writers live in a cave.

It's scientifically proven fact. 

The only question is: do they all live in the same cave, or are there many different caves? 

The above statements may be a small exaggeration, but it's not far off the mark. Writing is a solitary profession, involving hours of staring into space, lying on the couch, and sometimes putting words on paper (It's why movies about writers always involved parties and martinis; they would be boring otherwise). As the words and the game mechanics fall under my purview, I've been doing all the talking, but that doesn't mean the creation of Nocked was done in isolation. Today, I want to acknowledge the people that aren't me and the things I haven't personally accomplished, but that are all part and parcel to the finished game.

To start, the game wouldn't run at all without the fantastic work from Chris Klimas and Joel Haddock at Unmapped Path. Together, they are taking the game code – written in a nifty programming language called Twine, also by Chris Klimas – and adapting it to run on your mobile device (currently only iPad and iPhone are slated for release, sorry Android users).

Stephanie Martinez, our graphic designer, has taken my directive of "make it look pretty" to a new level. She's responsible for the overall look and feel of the game, including where everything is on the screen, the background, the icons, and the font. When she says kerning, I say how high? (Technically, I should say how much. Kerning is adjustment of spacing between letters.)

Lastly, Amanda Spaid should require no introduction (at least not if you've been reading the blog previously). She is the imagination and the talent behind the beautiful watercolor art that fills the game from beginning to end.

Hopefully, we'll hear from everyone firsthand about their work in a later blog. But if not, remember that they're there, working hard to make Nocked the best interactive fiction game about Robin Hood you've ever played! 

 The Continuing Adventures of Development Robin

Your choices will decide Robin's fate each week.

Results from last week's adventure:

You've Captured Marian & the Sheriff. What now?

Prison it is!

Part 11 - Royal Visit

Prince John is impressed by how efficiently you consolidated control over Sherwood forest. He travels to your castle to visit, and proposes to name you the new Sheriff of Nottingham.

  1. Finally, some recognition. I accept!
  2. I counter with an offer to split England between us (and the threat of rebellion if he refuses).
  3. I will not become the Man. I refuse!
  4. Fool John. I poison his tea.

The Adventures of Development Robin are complete. Follow the story in subsequent blogs, or read the most recent blog to take part in our new adventure, Marian and the Sheriff, beginning July 26th!

Campfire at night, by Amanda Spaid

This is the Nocked! True Tales of Robin Hood development blog. Every week I’ll discuss some aspect of the game’s development, show off some art, and give you the opportunity to create an entirely new Robin Hood story. And be sure to check out the butler's take on the Sheriff of Nottingham, occasionally updated @ManOfNottingham.