Hovel, Hearth, and Home

Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest go together like peas and carrots, like chicken and dumplings, like eggs and bacon, like, well, you get the picture. But Sherwood is more to Robin than just a collection of trees, it’s home. Whether it’s a secluded cave or a treetop village, Robin’s refuge in the forest quickly becomes someplace one would be happy, nay proud to live in.

How to create such a home in Nocked was a tricky issue. While there will ultimately be a changing series of images depicting your forest base, that kind of art was not part of the initial game design. Instead, I focused on how to evoke a living, breathing, and evolving home through pure use of text.

The end result is a series of location-based encounters that change over time depending on whether you do or do not take an interest in them. You can check your mail, hang out in the great hall, explore the forest, and much more. But watch out, because home is never the same when you come back after an extended absence. The grass might need mowing, new activities might be available, and your friends pursue their own agendas with or without you. That’s not to say everything is different every time, but I hope enough changes that (along with the accompanying artwork) you’ll always be excited to come back to where everybody knows your name.

Hint: it's Robin.

Development Robin's taking the week off.

Which means -- One more week to vote for his actions in Part 7!

Robin Recap:

You escape from the Sheriff's attack and join Little John's resistance. Together, you save Friar Tuck and a group of battle hardened crusaders, who promptly bolster your forces -- but Will Scarlet is sent to France and Maid Marian is married to the Sheriff!

During the Sheriff's honeymoon, you take over empty Castle Nottingham and defend the peasantry against the Sheriff, who has taken refuge in Sherwood forest with Dark Marian! Facing budget shortfalls, you raise money with a bake sale and archery tournament, which brings us to...

Part 7 - Everybody Loves Cake!

The bake sale is a huge success! You make more than enough money to make up your budget shortfalls this year. As to the archery tournament, you find yourself neck and neck in the finals with a mysterious hunchbacked woodsman.

Let Them Eat Cake!

  1. That’s no woodsman, it’s the Sheriff in disguise! Arrest him!
  2. That’s no woodsman, it’s Dark Marian in disguise! Arrest her!
  3. That’s no woodsman, it’s King Richard in disguise! He’s here to save the day!
  4. I’m better than any woodsman. I dismiss him, and win the archery tournament.

The Adventures of Development Robin are complete. Follow the story in subsequent blogs, or read the most recent blog to take part in our new adventure, Marian and the Sheriff, beginning July 26th!

Ruined Castle work in progress, by Amanda Spaid

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